If Love Had A Price - Ana Huang (ARC)

Every heart has a price. She offered him $10,000 to seduce her father’s gold-digging fiancée. He countered with $15,000 and a kiss—from her. At any time he chose. Kris should’ve said no, but she was desperate to get rid of her stepmother-to-be, and the gorgeous actor with the wicked grin was perfect for the job. So she agreed to his terms—not knowing that doing so would cost her a lot more than money and a kiss... — He did it for the money, which he desperately needed. The kiss was just a bonus, or so he told himself. Melting an ice princess like Kris started as a challenge, but by the time Nate realized there was more to Kris than meets the eye, it was too late: he had fallen. But they’re n

Untamed - Madeline Dyer (Blog Tour + INTL Giveaway)

"As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world, Seven’s life has always been controlled by tight rules. Stay away from the Enhanced. Don’t question your leader. And, most importantly, never switch sides--because once you’re Enhanced there’s no going back. Even if you have become the perfect human being. But after a disastrous raid on an Enhanced city, Seven soon finds herself in her enemy’s power. Realizing it’s only a matter of time before she too develops a taste for the chemical augmenters responsible for the erosion of humanity, Seven knows she must act quickly if she’s to escape and save her family from the same fate. Yet, as one of the most powerful Seers that the Untamed and Enh

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue - V.E. Schwab (ARC)

"A life no-one will remember. A story you'll never forget... In the vein of The Time Traveler's Wife and Life After Life comes a new genre-defying novel from the NYT #1 bestselling author V.E. SCHWAB. When Addie La Rue makes a pact with the devil, she trades her soul for immortality. But there's always a price – the devil takes away her place in the world, cursing her to be forgotten by everyone. Addie flees her tiny home town in 18th-Century France, beginning a journey that takes her across the world, learning to live a life where no one remembers her and everything she owns is lost and broken. Existing only as a muse for artists throughout history, she learns to fall in love anew every sin

September 2020 Wrap Up!

Hiya everyone, I hope you're all doing well! September seemed to fly by but I am super excited to be in October because it's finally spooky season! You all know how terrible I am with horror but I love Halloween - mostly for the movies and being able to eat loads of sweets 😂 What's your favourite movie for this time of year? I love all of the classics - Addams Family, Corpse Bride, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and of course The Nightmare Before Christmas 😍 Plus it's finally the return of my beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes which are just amazing 🙌 As you can tell I'm just a tiny bit excited but without further ado here is the wrap up of everything that happened in September. I'm still in a bit


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