Reading Challenge 2021

I enjoyed my Reading Challenge so much in 2020 I thought I'd do it again for 2021! This year I have increased my goal to 60 books and hoping to be able to do even more...if my pesky job doesn't get in the way 😉 

I'll try to update this page every time I read a new book and every time I review one of them! Also if you'd like to see what I read last year, it is available here

1. Heartstopper Vol.1 

2. The Heartbreak Cafe: No Experience Required

3. The Silvered Serpents

4. Heartstopper Vol.2 

5. Heartstopper Vol.3

6. The Girls I've Been

7. A Dark & Hollow Star

8. Behind Closed Doors

9. Amari & The Night Brothers

10. The Falling in Love Montage

11. Dangerous Women

12. Malice

13. If We Were Perfect 

14. Infinity Son

15. Infinity Reaper 

16. Legendborn

17. Rule of Wolves

18. The Lore of Prometheus