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Book Review: Baby It's Cold Outside by Emily Bell



As Norah battles alone, yet again, through the bustling December crowds outside Fortnum & Mason, she hears the first notes of a busker's song that transports her back to the most romantic week of her life.

Laughing under an Italian sky, knowing they had to part, Andrew made her a promise:

If they are both single on Christmas Eve in ten years' time, they will meet under the clock on Grafton Street, Dublin.

Norah has no idea if Andrew will remember, but she has nothing to lose.

So that's where she decides to go. To Dublin. To that clock. Hoping for a Christmas miracle with Andrew.

But it wouldn't be Christmas without a few surprises . . ."

Pages: 328


I received Baby It’s Cold Outside by Emily Bell for free in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour organised by Penguin Michael Joseph. Thank you so much for having me on the tour!

Ok I know it is spooky season but I maintain that it is NEVER too early for christmassy reads! And this is the perfect Christmas love story to get you into the festive mood!

In Baby It’s Cold Outside we follow our main character Norah who is going through the motions of life and wondering where she is going to end up. After her Christmas plans get cancelled she reminisces about a summer romance in Italy and the promise that she and her partner made to each other to meet in Dublin in 10 years time on Christmas Eve. With the anniversary approaching and no other plans should she take the risk?

This story was so sweet! I literally flew through the pages and didn’t want to put it down, I even felt like I should have put on some Christmas tunes to get into the mood. Norah is a really interesting main character and I loved following her on her journey of discovery. Discovery of a new country, her joy and maybe even a romance.

The book was so romantic, I felt like I was swooning at every page and has definitely made me want a Christmas romance - goodbye summer romance! The festive season is officially taking over! Plus I loved the descriptions of Dublin, it felt like I was there with the characters! I would love to visit Ireland one day especially as my family comes from Cork so it would be really cool to explore those roots!

Baby It’s Cold Outside is a fun, romantic and festive read that romance readers will love!

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