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Book Review: Big Sky Mountain - The Forest Wolves by Alex Milway (ARC)

"There is never a dull day on Big Sky Mountain! Rain or shine, there is always something that needs doing. Rosa and Grandma Nan are busy building a bigger cabin when a storm strikes, and a host of animals descend for shelter. There is one unexpected visitor: a tiny wolf cub. This little wolf doesn't seem like the scary, giant-fanged forest wolves that Rosa has heard about! Can the cub really be part of their pack? Rosa and Grandma Nan set off into the forest to find out . . ."

Pages: 176


I received Big Sky Mountain and Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves by Alex Milway for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to the lovely Molly at Piccadilly Press for having me on the tour.

Big Sky Mountain is about our protagonist Rosa as she goes to live with her Grandma Nan in the secluded mountains. We join them on their adventures as they meet new animals, try new things and face their fears head on.

Firstly I just have to say how beautiful these covers are! They are so bright, colourful and eye catching plus the lovely illustrations carry on throughout the books!

I loved how descriptive the writing was and I also really enjoyed how emotions were portrayed throughout both books! It shows children how these feelings are perfectly normal and how to process them which I think is absolutely excellent! I also loved the environmental facts as well - especially when it came to the beavers and how important they are to the environment!

Plus the interactive elements at the end of the book were such an amazing idea! I’m so exited to introduce these books to my nieces!

Big Sky Mountain is a fun, enjoyable adventure of a book that children are going to love!

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