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Book Review: Extasia by Claire Legrand

"Her name is unimportant.

All you must know is that today she will become one of the four saints of Haven. The elders will mark her and place the red hood on her head. With her sisters, she will stand against the evil power that lives beneath the black mountain--an evil which has already killed nine of her village's men.

She will tell no one of the white-eyed beasts that follow her. Or the faceless gray women tall as houses. Or the girls she saw kissing in the elm grove.

Today she will be a saint of Haven. She will rid her family of her mother's shame at last and save her people from destruction. She is not afraid. Are you?

This searing and lyrically written novel by the critically acclaimed author of Sawkill Girls beckons readers to follow its fierce heroine into a world filled with secrets and blood--where the truth is buried in lies and a devastating power waits, seething, for someone brave enough to use it."

Pages: 496


AD-PR | I received Extasia by Claire Legrand for free by the lovely team at Harper 360 YA in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for my advanced copy! Extasia publishes in the UK tomorrow!

I have to start off with saying that this book surprised me! I’m a wimp when it comes to horror (definitely not my usual genre) and I was so excited for sapphic witches that I was prepared to not be able to sleep for the next few weeks but WOW this was fantastic! I loved that it wasn’t scary just for the sake of being scary. There was very vivid imagery and classic horror elements but they were done in a way that was poignant, meaningful and even absolutely brutal in places to send a cutting message.

I loved the concept and the dystopian/apocalyptic vibe. It was very haunting and eerie with an intense patriarchal almost cult like society. There are parts that will make you feel physically uncomfortable but the story is too gripping to put down and really hammers the feminist messaging across. What was particularly chilling to me was the realism aspect of it all. This future is unfortunately entirely possible as our planet is suffering and there are people out there that do think of women in this misogynistic way. This truly is a powerful read and shows how we all need to do better and it also highlights the dangers of not asking questions and how we shouldn’t let these things go unchallenged.

Plus I thought the magic system was really cool and I would’ve loved to learn even more about it and how it works.

Extasia is a powerful and gripping read perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Thank you so much for my advanced copy and for introducing me to a new genre!

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