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Book Review: Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree (ARC)

"High Fantasy with a double-shot of self-reinvention

Worn out after decades of packing steel and raising hell, Viv the orc barbarian cashes out of the warrior’s life with one final score. A forgotten legend, a fabled artifact, and an unreasonable amount of hope lead her to the streets of Thune, where she plans to open the first coffee shop the city has ever seen.

However, her dreams of a fresh start pulling shots instead of swinging swords are hardly a sure bet. Old frenemies and Thune’s shady underbelly may just upset her plans. To finally build something that will last, Viv will need some new partners and a different kind of resolve.

A hot cup of fantasy slice-of-life with a dollop of romantic froth."

Pages: 258


I received Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Travis for my advanced copy and happy Book Birthday!

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! As soon as I saw this book on Twitter I had a feeling that it was going to be fantastic and it was even better than I thought! I’ve literally just ordered the paperback version so I can do a reread as soon as it comes!

In Legends & Lattes we follow our protagonist Viv, a retired orc who is finished with her violent lifestyle and wants to settle down and open a coffee shop. Viv is an instantly likeable character who is generous, caring and a badass! I love how she forges a place in the community and makes herself a home. Plus I really liked getting to know all of the characters and the little found family they created. I was so invested in these characters - you can’t help but root for them! Plus the chemistry between Viv and Tandri was so well built, I loved their friendship and playful banter which builds into more!

The writing is immediately very gripping, I loved the descriptions all throughout the book, they were so vivid and imaginative! I also really enjoyed the lore and worldbuilding that you get along the way - all of the small details were so thoughtful and really tie the story together. It was so sweet how modern treats like biscotti and iced coffee were translated into this world. Cosy fantasy is officially my new favourite genre and I need more of it in my life! I really enjoyed how there was some interesting mysteries but it wasn’t anxiety inducing - it is a gentle but exciting read!

Legends & Lattes is a wholesome, heart warming and absolutely exceptional story with brilliant writing, characters and a plot that you won’t want to put down! I’m so excited to read more from this author!

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