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Book Review: Lying With Lions by Annabel Fielding (ARC)

"Edwardian England. Agnes Ashford knows that her duty is threefold: she needs to work on cataloguing the archive of the titled Bryant family, she needs to keep the wounds of her past tightly under wraps, and she needs to be quietly grateful to her employers for taking her up in her hour of need. However, a dark secret she uncovers due to her work thrusts her into the Bryants’ brilliant orbit - and into the clutch of their ambitions.

They are prepared to take the new century head-on and fight for their preeminent position and political survival tooth and nail - and not just to the first blood. With a mix of loyalty, competence, and well-judged silence Agnes rises to the position of a right-hand woman to the family matriarch - the cunning and glamorous Lady Helen. But Lady Helen's plans to hold on to power through her son are as bold as they are cynical, and one day Agnes is going to face an impossible choice..."

Pages: 233


I received Lying With Lions by Annabel Fielding through NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for this advanced copy!

I've really been enjoying historical fiction lately and I was instantly intrigued by the concept of Lying With Lions! When Agnes is tasked with organising the Bryant's family archives what secrets will she uncover? And after getting tangled in the mess what secrets will she have to take to her grave?

The writing is beautiful throughout and very descriptive - the imagery immediately draws the reader in and keeps them captivated. Plus, I also enjoyed the mysteries in the story that all came together in such a clever way with some fantastic twists!

The characters were very interesting and I loved the sapphic relationship! It was such a nice change of pace to have a historical fiction with sapphic representation and I am definitely on the hunt for even more now. With Helen being very calculating and Agnes being brilliantly smart, they made a great pair!

I liked how there was a bit of everything in this story. From politics, cover-ups, parties and even a court case - there is definitely something for everyone!

Lying With Lions is a really good historical fiction that will keep you guessing! Thank you so much for my advanced copy - Thank you for reading my thoughts, you can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram! Let me know if you have any recommendations of what I should read next.

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