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Book Review: Protector by Conn Iggulden (ARC)




Themistocles stands as the battle-scarred leader of Athens. Yet he is no nobleman, and is distrusted by many.

But those who stand against him cannot argue with two things: his victories as a warrior, and the vast Persian army heading their way . . .

And so Themistocles must fight.

Fight the invaders. Fight the allies who despise him. Fight for his city.

As the Persians draw close, he must prove himself again and again in battle.

Because history belongs to the courageous . . ."

Pages: 432


I received Protector by Conn Iggulden for free by Hanifa at Penguin Michael Joseph in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for this stunning advanced copy and for the sweet chocolate coin - it was such a lovely treat!

Protector will be published on the 13th May 2021 and is available on GoodReads & Amazon.

Protector is a historical fiction and the second instalment in the Athenian series. This story is set in the Graeco-Persian Wars and our story starts with Persia who have taken and burned Athens. Our heroes must do everything they can to get back their land and their people.

This is a period I don’t know much about so I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about it! It certainly seems to be an interesting part of history full of drama, action and politics which makes for a great background for the story!

The writing was very descriptive and I liked how the author went into great detail to really set the scene. I felt fully immersed in the story as though I was with the characters sailing into battle. The characters were really interesting and powerful plus I have to say I am really appreciative of the pronunciation guide at the beginning! Also the Percy Jackson nerd in me loved seeing all of the mentions of the Gods and Greek Mythology!

Protector was an entertaining read which also portrayed the complexity and intensity of human emotion really well. It was full of hope, defeat, perseverance and so much more! I’m excited to read even more from this author!

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