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Book Review: The Lost Alliance by Cait Marie

"A broken treaty. An enchanted blade. A love worth fighting for.

The truth has come out, but not as they expected.

The kingdom of Detmarya is on the brink of war, led by a king who has yet to be properly crowned. Shane took his father's throne far sooner than anticipated, and his fear of failure haunts his every move.

With the help of his friends, new and old, he must face betrayal, his sister's mortality, and his own feelings. But when a new story comes to light, one of a warrior worthy of carrying an ancient hero's blade, he dares to hope they may finally have the answers they seek.

For without the stars' help, despite having the biggest military on their side of the world, King Shane won't have the power to save those he loves."

Pages: 302


I received The Lost Alliance by Cait Marie for free by the author in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour. Thank you so much for having me on the tour!

I've been with this series from the start and I loved the first two books in this trilogy and I've been so excited to see what happens next but I also don't want it to end!

In The Lost Alliance we rejoin our heroes as they recover from the events of the last book (no spoilers here) and prepare for the upcoming war that the kingdom faces.

One of the things that I have loved throughout this trilogy is the brilliant character development. I really enjoy well rounded characters and Cait's books are full of them. I'm so emotionally attached to these characters, they will definitely stay with me, and it has been such a privilege to go on this journey with them! Not only are the characters special but their relationships with each other are so well done and it's been lovely to see their bonds deepen and get stronger!

The Lost Alliance is filled with even more heart racing action and fun adventure that will keep you wanting to turn the pages! Even though the plot is leading up to a war, there are still so many funny and heart-warming moments which I really enjoyed and were some of my favourite moments of the book. Over the three books, Cait's writing has been absolutely impeccable and I can't wait to read even more from her in the future!

The Lost Alliance is a brilliant and fitting ending to such a fantastic trilogy! Thank you so much for taking me on this journey with you - I have loved every page of it!

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