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Cake Flavoured Book Tag

Thank you to the lovely Emily over at Emily The Book Nerd for tagging me in this!! I love doing these book tags. Make sure to check our her blog and Twitter! ❤️

This is the perfect book tag for me because I am obsessed with cake 😍😂


So, I don't read many so called 'dark' books but I have read some books that have some really dark elements/themes in them. The first book I thought of for this prompt was The King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. I love this book but there was a dark storyline throughout that shocked me. Of course, this was when Nina discovered a secret factory full of vulnerable girls who were forced to become addicted to the drug jurda and were also forced to become pregnant. Scary, right!

I was introduced to the wonderful series of the Elvira Slate Investigations by Helen Jacey late last year and instantly fell in love with them! There are currently three books out in this series (Made Moll, Jailbird Detective and Chipped Pearls) and there are some more upcoming that I cannot wait for! These books are so easy and enjoyable to read, I absolutely gushed about them in my review, which if you haven't read yet you can read here! Elvira Slate is a kickass female detective in the 1940s and has some incredible adventures.

This is Going to Hurt by Dr. Adam Kay gave me every emotion under the sun. Honestly, during this book I laughed, cringed and sobbed! This is a great non-fiction book and contains diaries from a formed junior doctor during his time working for the NHS. It really is a profound read and I have even more appreciation for all the amazing doctors and nurses working for our great health service.

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me is sick of me going on about this book BUT a book that I have and will always recommend is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. I read this when I was commuting to uni and back everyday and I will always love it!

Starting books but not finishing them KILLS me! Especially when they look so amazing but it just feels like I'm stuck. I'm a huge mood reader and sometimes I need to take a break from a book and just pick it up later. This happened with The History of Bees. I remember seeing the blurb and instantly knew that I wanted it, however when I tried to read it I wasn't in the right mood for it and just couldn't get through it. The writing was great and the concept was so intriguing so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it soon hopefully.

You guys. This book. Omg. So I was recommended this book by some awesome bookstagrammers just before the end of last year after reading The Goldfinch and WOW. The writing is just fantastic!! Full of mystery, betrayal and manipulations - there were so many elements that I wasn't expecting!

Crier's war by Nina Varela was the first book I read this year and wow what a book! I can't believe how it ended - I NEED MORE!! But fair warning, the romance will rip your heart out and stamp on it 😭 I'm really hoping that there is going to be a sequel and soon because I need to see my babies again soon!

Ok, so I was OBSESSED with The Spiderwick Chronicles when I was a kid and I am now only just realising that Holly Black was one of the writers!! I'm just about to start The Cruel Prince and knowing this now I'm even more excited to read it! The only thing that is annoying me with the books I have is I was only able to get the original cover for the third book and the movie covers for the other four 😂

I absolutely loved the cover for The Binding by Bridget Collins and I loved the concept of the book. The idea of binding memories that you no longer want into a book is genius! I found that there were so many elements to this book that I didn't expect and found it to be a really enjoyable read!

I loved doing this tag, it was so much fun! Plus, it was nice to get some use of some of my bookstagram pics that I haven't put up yet 😂 Also for my banners, I created them using Canva. As usual you can find me on my Twitter and Instagram!

I tag @bookishimpala97, @alexiskami, @BookishHedgeMom and anybody else who wants to do this! Consider yourself tagged! ❤️

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