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Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a good start to the New Year ❤️ I've been thinking of what direction to take my blog in this year and I thought I'd post a little update on some content that I hope I can bring to you over the year!

I hope you enjoy and I really hope that you'll be participating in some of the things I have planned 😉

I realise that my introduction may be a little ominous but I can assure you that I will still be posting book reviews and hopefully even more this year! Towards the end of last year I got into the routine of doing at least one review a week and I would love to be able to keep that up, but you all know what I'm like 😂

Committing to more reviews also means what every bookworm loves - more reading! I've got a small backlog of ARC's that I need to read and review so I'm going to concentrate on them before opening review requests as well as the backlog of reviews for books from my own TBR! Wish me luck 😂

I'd also love to focus on blog hopping more this year - I read so many amazing posts and reviews last year and forgot to leave comments so I want to make sure to appreciate all of the amazing bloggers and share their fantastic work ❤️

So 'Theme of the Month' is something that I am really excited about!! I had the idea last month and started doing some preparations for it - and subsequently realised it was going to be a lot more work than I realised but so worth it!!

The idea is that I want to have a different theme on my blog every month and research and create a post with books, music, movies, tv shows, video games etc surrounding that theme. And this is where all of you lovely readers come in because after the initial post I would love for you to give me recommendations of your favourite media to do with the theme on here or through social media (hey even my email if you really want to 😂) and I will do more research on it and at the end of the month I can put together a master post of all the recommendations 😍

I'm not sure if this really makes sense yet, I'm so excited I'm kind of rambling all over the place 😂 But I think this could be something really special and also gives me a chance to interact more with all of you in the book community! Plus when I use your recommendation I'll credit you in the post for it as well ❤️

*Hides in shame* Soooo when I started this blog I also started the 'Discworld Challenge' with the aim of reading and reviewing all of the books. Yeah...I've done one so far 😂 So this year I am aiming to get some more of this challenge done even if it is just one more book! I love these so much but I was easily distracted by other books haha.

Last year I struggled with getting my monthly wrap ups out and they were getting later and holding up my other posts so I'm going to try and switch to a quarterly wrap up going forward - hopefully that should be easier to keep up with! If you've also done this please let me know how you found it! ❤️

So that's about it for my update and I can't wait to get this all started! I hope to see you all with my themes of the month and I'm looking forward to another beautiful year with the book community.

Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you soon!

Love Soph x

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