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Fall Bucket List Book Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Leah to do the Fall Bucket List Book Tag! This is my first book tag and I'm so excited!


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A book that has made me jump for joy is definitely The Invisible Library! It has such a fascinating and original concept and I can't tell you how happy I was when I found out there were loads more books in the series already published after I finished this!

I absolutely adore the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy! They were such a joy to read and I would read them again in a heartbeat.

Six of Crows has the best friendships! My favourite trope is a group of people becoming unlikely friends and Six of Crows is perfect for this! Six people who honestly probably shouldn't be near each other somehow find family in one another. Plus there are really cool heists which I think are always pretty cool!

I'm so lucky that this arrived in the mail today just before I was putting together this post! There has been so much hype around The Queen of Nothing and I am so excited to read it (just need to get through my hellish sized TBR first!)

I have loved starting to read the Discworld Series! It's so funny and I love how it makes fun of the real world. It's so easy to get lost in the books and although the characters are in danger a lot of the time it's not constant angst. Also this is a great time for a shameless self promotion - I'm participating in the Discworld Challenge (doing my best to read all of the books in the series) if you're interested you can check it out here and feel free to join along with me!

I've really enjoyed doing this tag! It has made me feel nostalgic though and I want to re-read some of old favourites!

I'm going to tag some people from my Twitter that I would love to get to know better! But if you see this and want to do it too then consider yourself tagged!!

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❤️ Sian (Books & Sunflowers)

❤️ Leilani Graceffa

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❤️ Elysia (LightoftheB)

Love Soph x

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