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Hiya everyone,

Today I'm back with another tag! I love doing these, thank you so much to the lovely Leah over at Leah's Books and Cooks for the tag. ❤️❤️

I usually read in the lounge or in my bed when I'm at home 😂

I try and use bookmarks wherever I can because I've got some nice ones but a lot more times than I like to admit I usually use whatever is lying around 😂

I try and make it to the end of a chapter! I hate not leaving in the middle of a chapter and not knowing how it ends, sometimes it's unavoidable but I try my best when I can ☺️

YESSS!! Omg I snack all the time 😂😂

This is going to sound really strange but I have to have background noise to be able to concentrate 😂 I was like this with studying as well, if it's too silent I can't get anything done and I find it so frustrating. Music is less distracting than TV but either works.

I used to only be able to do one book at a time but since having this blog I've learnt to juggle reading a couple at a time 😂 I try to do different genres at a time or have one as an ebook and one as a physical book just so it's easier to separate them.

EVERYWHERE! I always have a book on me wherever I go - you never know when you're going to be left waiting and need a book to pass the time. I used to have an hour and a half journey to uni and back everyday so I always needed a book to pass time time on the commute.

Definitely silently in my head 😂

I don't! If I feel the need to read ahead or skip pages then that's a sign that I'm not really enjoying the book and just want it to be over. If I get this feeling it's usually a sign that it's a DNF.

I like to keep the book as new as I can but you know how it goes 😂

No, I've never liked writing in books! I usually use sticky tabs if I want to make a note or the notes app on my phone.

Readabits Questions

Whenever I can! If I've got some spare time and in the right mood for reading then I definitely will be.

Where I'm comfortable, with a blanket, some snacks and a cup of tea!

I always try and read the book first and then watch the TV shows/movies. It just feels better that way 😂

I love the physical book! It's the best feeling ever having the physical book in your hands and being able to go through it. Since having this blog though I've grown used to ebooks as well!

I don't think so 😂

I mean they don't have to but it's pretty freaking awesome when they do! They look so pretty 😍

I tag:




And anybody else that fancies doing this tag! ❤️

Thank you for reading, you can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram! ❤️

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