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Ready or Not for Millie's playlist? Guest post by Tracy Darnton!

Ready or Not is my latest thriller. Kat goes missing during a game of hide-and-seek at a late-night party on holiday in Cornwall. For years, three families have holidayed together at Creek House so the ‘Creekers’ have grown up together. Millie is the youngest at 15 when Kat goes missing and is devastated. One year later, the remaining Creekers return to Creek House and secrets begin to be revealed.

I tell the story through Millie. What would Millie have on her playlist? You can play it yourself on Spotify: Ready or Not playlist

The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

At their last-night party the Creekers danced like no one was watching, waiting for dusk to fall. I like to think they’d have started ABBA’s greatest hits. The Winner Takes It All is perfect for this list because they’ve always played so many games. Millie says that how people play games is how they tackle life. Who’s the one who turns the board over when it’s not going their way and ruins it for everyone?

Angels – Robbie Williams

What late-night bash would be complete without a swaying sing-along to Angels? Especially as there’s a statue of an angel in the garden at Creek House (which Charlie later smashes up).

Every Breath You Take – The Police

I realise I chose this for the playlist for my last book, The Rules, too – it fits both books. Maybe it’s living in my head because I played this track over and over on my Sony Walkman when I was the age of the characters. I like the obsessional nature of it – and it reflects how lost Millie has been since Kat’s been gone. Let’s see if it appears again for the next book.

Think About Things - Dadi Freyr

This is the song the young adults in my house were playing a lot while I was writing this book. I can definitely see Matt and Charlie mucking about in their loud party shirts to this one.

Wellerman – Sea shanty – Nathan Evans

Ready or Not is set in Cornwall. When Millie has to question a local fisherman, she says that her experience of fishermen is basically zero. ‘I’m expecting a guy with a beard in a chunky jumper sitting at the harbour mending nets, singing sea shanties.’ This is the shanty she’d be expecting (and yes, I know Nathan Evan is Scottish, not Cornish, but I like this one.)

Bistro Fada – Stephane Wrembel

Kat has been on her French exchange recently and gone all Gallic shrugs and exclamations in a pretentious way. She posted about a café in Paris and Millie would love to go there and soak up the atmosphere. I imagine that there’s a table in the window with a coffee and croissant, ready with a notepad and pen and this track will be playing on repeat.

Je ne regrette rien – Edith Piaf

Kat crumbles in her exams and writes ‘je ne regrette rien’ over and over. Millie looks it up and listens to the Edith Piaf song - she wonders what Kat would regret about that last summer.

So that’s the playlist. What would you include for Millie?

Ready or Not is available now at your favourite local bookshop or online.

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Thank you so much Tracy for your great post! Check out my review of Ready or Not over on my Instagram!

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