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Review: The Key To You & Me by Jaye Robin Brown (ARC)

"A sweet and funny #ownvoices LGBTQ+ romance perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli and Julie Murphy, from the critically acclaimed author of Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit!

Piper Kitts is spending the summer living with her grandmother, training at the barn of a former Olympic horseback rider, and trying to get over her ex-girlfriend. Much to Piper’s dismay, her grandmother is making her face her fear of driving head-on by taking lessons from a girl in town.

Kat Pearson has always suspected that she likes girls but fears her North Carolina town is too small to color outside the lines. But when Piper’s grandmother hires Kat to give her driving lessons, everything changes.

Piper’s not sure if she’s ready to let go of her ex. Kat’s navigating uncharted territory with her new crush. With the summer running out, will they be able to unlock a future together?"

Pages: 368


I received an E-ARC of The Key To You & Me by Jaye Robin Brown for free by Harper 360 YA on Edelweis + in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to Jaye Robin Brown and Harper 360 YA for this opportunity!

The Key To You & Me will be published on 27th May 2021 in the UK.

The Key To You & Me features our two main characters Piper and Kat. When Piper's grandmother hires Kat to teach Piper how to drive could this be the start of a new friendship or possibly something more?

Piper has moved across the country to stay with her grandmother for the summer and concentrate on her horseriding after she gets her heartbroken by her now ex-girlfriend. Piper is a very determined character with big life goals, it's clear that she knows what she wants out of life and she is passionate about what she loves. However, sometimes she looks so far into the future she forgets what she has right in front of her. Plus I can completely relate to her fear of driving! I'm 23 now and I've only recently applied to get my provisional licence with no actual plan of driving for real! I think I need my own Kat to help teach me!

On the other hand, Kat is very family orientated and struggles with the small town gossip surrounding her father especially after her mother suddenly leaves. Plus she is at the stage of trying to figure out her sexuality and not wanting to be judged or pressured. I loved seeing her become more confident throughout the book and starting to not feel scared about going for what she wants.

There were great main characters supported by really interesting side characters which made for a very character driven story which I really enjoy reading! I loved Elliott and MaMolly is a total badass! I really loved how Piper & Kat challenge each other and push each other to do better and even try new things. I loved their chemistry together and I thought the format of the story was really clever by having one chapter be Piper's POV and the next be Kat's POV. It helped make their voices distinctive and I liked seeing both sides of the story.

I love a sapphic story and The Key to You & Me is a fun and sweet read!

Thank you so much Jaye Robin Brown, Harper 360 YA and Edelweiss+ for this advanced copy! Thank you for reading my thoughts, you can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram! Let me know if you have any recommendations of what I should read next.

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