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The Exciting Life of a Minor Character - Morgan W. Silver

"Claire is sick of being a Minor Character. She despises the fact that the most exciting thing that’s happened to her in four long years has been answering a phone.

She wants her own story, she wants more lines, and most of all, she wants adventure. Even if that means killing her Main Character. Unfortunately, only the Author has the power to kill Characters, but Claire will not be deterred by logic and facts.

Then, even though it’s not supposed to be possible, someone is murdered in Character Central. It causes a widespread panic worse than the time they had a lemon shortage. After all, only the Author should have the ability to kill a Character.

With the threat of multiple victims as well as Erasure for all Characters, Claire must team up with the Main Character she wants to bring down. If all else fails, she may even have to take it up with the Author."

Pages: 233


I received The Exciting Life of a Minor Character by Morgan W. Silver for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Exciting Life of a Minor Character will be published on the 1st June 2020.

We follow the life of our protagonist Claire Cartwright. She is a minor character in her novel and she wants to become a main character by any means necessary. Of course, the author is the only one who can make any changes to the novel so Claire is going to have to get creative - even if it means killing the main character, Jeff.

Claire is inquisitive, smart and cunning. She can be intimidating, grumpy and a bit of a troublemaker too - everything that her character in the novel is not. Hence why she wants to break away from the stereotypical sexist receptionist that she has been typecast as and become her own detective to go out on an adventure of her own. However, she may get this chance sooner than she thought when one of the minor characters in Character Central is murdered one day. She has to figure out who would want to hurt one of their own and stop it from happening again.

I loved how all of the minor characters were practically a found family. They all cared for and protected each other, especially when it came to their monthly reviews with the agents. That is what makes the murder even more shocking for the characters but also makes for the perfect mystery!

The worldbuilding as well was so cute! I especially loved The Meadow of Plot Bunnies and

The Sea of Procrastination. I have to admit I've definitely been in The Sea of Procrastination this month! It's so easy to tell that a lot of thought and love went into every detail of this story which is what made it such a great read. Plus the concept of the book was amazing! I knew it was a book for me as soon as I read the blurb because it is an adventure that is refreshingly different and clever.

The Exciting Life of a Minor Character is a story of friendship, unexpected love and learning to appreciate the life you have. It was a pleasure to read!

Thank you so much again to Morgan W. Silver for the opportunity to read this book. The Exciting Life of a Minor Character is available on GoodReads and Amazon.

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