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The Rock 'N' The Roll 'N' That - Steven J. Gill

"“Rock ‘n’ roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.” The former manager of The Runaways said that. The mad bastard. And Johnny Harrison swore by it. He had to. Almost forty, fully paid up member of the rat race and bored sh*tless. He had to believe in something. Then something happened. Something magnificent. A once in a lifetime band dropped out of the sky and right into his lap. A band unaware of just how great they could be. A band that had no idea what was about to hit them. A band that needed someone to light the fuse. That someone was Johnny Harrison and the truth was he needed them so much more. They were his ticket out. That’s how it is with THE ROCK ‘N’ THE ROLL. ‘N’ THAT. Buy your ticket and take the ride."

Pages: 484


TW/CW: drug misuse / heavy alcohol drinking / heavy swearing / physical & emotional abuse / rape / miscarriage / sexual themes / self harm

I received The Rock 'N' The Roll 'N' That by Steven J. Gill for free by Clink Street Publishing in exchange for an honest review as part of the Twelve Days of Clink Street Publishing Blog Tour. This tour will run from the 1st to the 12th of December and there will be reviews from all kinds of books written by Clink Street Publishing authors! So make sure to keep an eye out for all of the great books coming up! Thank you so much to Blue and Authoright for this copy.

I chose The Rock 'N' The Roll 'N' That to review on this tour as it instantly piqued my interest because I absolutely adore music! It is one of my passions and I grew up listening to music every single day. It is a great hurt in my life that I can't play an instrument or sing a note but I can live vicariously through other people. So when there is a book that combines my two loves of reading and music, I have to read it!

Our main character is Johnny Harrison and we meet him as he is about to hit the big 40th birthday. He is kind of down about his life and where he has ended up, from being a promising band manager to now working a boring office job. He is definitely approaching a mid life crisis when he happens upon a band that give him that spark again. He is determined that he wants back in the music business but will normal life get in the way of his dream?

I enjoyed the descriptions of the bands concerts throughout the book! It made me very reminiscent of my local - shoutout to Chinnerys - which was really nice. I really miss it since we've been in lockdown and no concerts happening. I saw some amazing bands there like Wheatus and Ash and even some fantastic debuts like Youth Club and The Sherlocks! The atmosphere at a concert is just electric and the writing does a very good job of recreating that feeling.

I also really liked the the references to amazing artists throughout the story. I grew up listening to Bowie, The Clash, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and more! I'm so lucky that my Dad loves music and introduced me to these amazing bands - and he still does! He is the coolest AND he is also on Twitter and he would love for you to give him a follow if you also love music and sports! If you enjoy these bands let me also add some of my own recommendations which include The Bleachers and Nothing But Thieves! This list could go on forever, but for the sake of my review I better stop there - however if you want to geek out about music with me feel free to come find me on Twitter!

A downside for me was the lack of trigger warnings before going into the story. Personally, it would've been nice to be prepared for the multitude of triggers instead of just being bombarded with them. It made the story feel quite jolted in places for me because I had to stop reading a lot due to being overwhelmed. I've put in some of the trigger and content warnings above but please be aware if you do go on to read this book that I might not have caught all of them! I think it would be really great if there was a quick note at the front of the book - trigger warnings are rock 'n' roll! Additionally, as a little side note I also would've liked the women in the story to be a bit more developed and not just used for sex. However, the author is a great writer with some fantastic concepts, overall it was a really good debut.

Apart from that, the rest of the story was easy to read and interesting, I liked how it showcased the highs and lows of the rock and roll lifestyle with the characters. Thank you Blue and Authoright for this copy and for the stop on the Twelve Days of Clink Publishing Tour! I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour and have a great December!

Thank you for reading my thoughts, you can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram! Let me know if you have any recommendations of what I should read next.

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