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Twas' The Nightshift Before Christmas - Dr. Adam Kay

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat . . . but 1.4 million NHS staff are heading off to work. In this perfect present for anyone who has ever set foot in a hospital, Adam Kay delves back into his diaries for a hilarious, horrifying and sometimes heartbreaking peek behind the blue curtain at Christmastime.

Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas is a love letter to all those who spend their festive season on the front line, removing babies and baubles from the various places they get stuck, at the most wonderful time of the year."

Pages: 160


With Christmas fast approaching, Twas' The Nightshift Before Christmas by Dr. Adam Kay is the perfect stocking filler for any bookworm! Especially those who enjoyed his first book 'This is Going to Hurt.'

It is a very short book and a perfect quick read to help reach those last minute GoodReads goals! Have you reached yours? I'm tempted to start one in the new year - nothing too ambitious though! Or this could be a great idea to quickly start your New Years goals and get one ticked off quickly!

Dr. Adam Kay spent years working as a junior doctor in the NHS. This book offers a collection of anecdotes from his time as a doctor, focusing on the shifts he had during Christmastime. One way to get you into the Christmas spirit!


"Full marks to the anaesthetist wearing a badge that says: 'He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake."


There are definitely areas that will make you cringe and areas that will make you cry. However, if you are like me and faint/panic at any description of any medical procedures, don't worry because there are warnings before any really graphic content so you can skip over it which I greatly appreciated!

There is some amazing and witty content - the amount of times this book has made me laugh out loud in public! I love reading these books, even though they put me on a rollercoaster of emotions. It truly is poignant, hilarious and devastating.

On a more personal note, I (like many others) was devastated at the result of the election on the 12th. I don't want to be overly political, but if you are also in the UK, then now more than ever we need to protect our NHS. It is absolutely vital to everybody that lives here and we can't afford to lose it!

Additionally, I can't thank everyone who works at the NHS enough. They have helped look after my relatives & I when we've been ill and delivered my two beautiful nieces. They work so hard and deserve so much better.

However you spend this time of year I hope that you have a special and lovely time!

Thank you for reading my thoughts, you can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram! What did you think of Twas' the Nightshift Before Christmas? Let me know if you have any recommendations of what I should read next.

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